Welcome to the website dedicated to the event La Nuit de la Danse and to the 5th Trophy of the Pays Nantais !

On May 13th 2017, organized by the association Danser à Nantes, the event La nuit de la danse will take place in the city of Vallet. The trophy of the Pays Nantais is an international contest of danse de salon available for everyone, where dancers come from all leagues. It is also a meeting day of elegance where you will be able to attend to shows and performances, and also between the different competitions, able to participate to the dance.
On the website, you’ll find all the required information to this event.  Do not hesitate contacting us for every specific request.

The dance school organizer

Yann Le Mouroux (teacher graduated from the AMDF) is passionate about danse de salon since he was thirteen years old. After many years of training program, in order to satisfy his wish to develop a better dance understanding, with moves, dancer roles and guidance, he is now an professional teacher and an international judge. He opened his dance school on “l’île de Nantes”, in the center of the creation quarter, where many dance varieties are proposed to students from every age.

L’Académie des Maîtres de Danses de France (AMDF) :

Created at the beginning of the last century, today, the AMDF brings together all the “danse de société” teachers in France. It issues a diploma of “Professeur Maitre de danse” and gives its support to many organized events which their common point is dance, practiced in many forms. The academy is also founding member of the “Conseil Français des Centres de Danse pour Amateurs“ (CFCDA), and a member of the World Dance Council (WDC), international organization presiding over the dance professionals.

Mister Yann Le Mouroux, dance school organizer supervisor is a Maitre of Danse gratuated from the AMDF.

Contact :
20 rue de la Tour d’Auvergne 44200 Nantes / /

If absent, please leave a voice message stating your request and your contact details.